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About Dr. Tausch

A Leading Columbus, Ohio Urologist

I was born and raised in Wayne County, Ohio.  I left Ohio to attend the University of Notre Dame, “Go Irish,” but returned to attend Case Western Reserve University. After earning a dual M.D./M.S. degree in applied anatomy from Case Western, I completed my urology residency at Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington. I further subspecialized in Trauma, Reconstruction and Prosthetic Urology with a fellowship at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. I then completed my 15 years on active duty with the United States Army at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where I served as Director of Trauma, Reconstructive and Prosthetic Urology, Residency Program Director and Urology Consultant to the White House. While in the Washington, D.C. area, I earned my MBA from George Washington University School of Business.

I honestly did not expect to return to Ohio to become a Columbus, Ohio urologist; however, after starting my family, contemplating where I wanted my children to grow up and what kind of life I hoped for them, I am happily back in Ohio to stay.  With three young children (including a set of twins), and two dogs, my wife and I are overjoyed with the opportunities in central Ohio, combined with solid midwestern values. When I am not treating patients, I enjoy spending time with family, telling hilarious dad jokes, learning useless trivia and riding my Harley Davidson.

Top Rated Urologist in Columbus Ohio

‘I might not be the surgeon who saves your life, but I promise to do everything I can to make it better.’

- Dr. T.J. Tausch

Common questions for Dr. Tausch:

1. What if I'm uncomfortable talking to another man about such personal issues?

My wife once told me that she chose her female gynecologist because she wanted a doctor who not only understood her body from a medical perspective, but also from a physiological perspective.  I hope to bring that comfort to my patients. The practice of urology is very personal and sometimes uncomfortable. Not only am I a darn good Columbus, Ohio urologist, but I am also a man who can relate to what my patients are going through. 

2. Why did you choose urology?

I love making my patients’ lives better. Whether it's pain from a kidney stone, leaking urine after prostate cancer treatment, erectile dysfunction, traumatic injuries or any other urologic condition, I sincerely appreciate the privilege of doing my best to help patients achieve their individual goals.  Urology offers a breadth of doctor-patient relationships, from surgical fixes to long term medication management, and I enjoy developing long collaborative connections with my patients.

3. What was it like to be a urologist in the Army?

As a urologist in the Army, the medical practice is very similar to the civilian world.  But in addition to practicing urology, I also served in various leadership roles as a Lieutenant Colonel.  As Program Director of the Walter Reed Urology Residency, I was responsible for training the next generation of military urologists.  I had the privilege of caring for our nation's heroes and leaders, and it was quite humbling and rewarding to treat servicemembers who sustained significant traumatic injuries in defense of our freedom.

4. How is your practice different from other urologists in Columbus, Ohio?

My practice is a bit different from other Columbus, Ohio urologists, in that I have subspecialized in trauma, reconstruction and prosthetic urology.  That means that while I can (and do) see patients for almost any urologic condition, I have additional experience and training in treating patients with those conditions.   

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